MTBS has recently started financial advice in Mergers & Acquisitions following requests from many of our clients and provides these services under a new label: MTBS M&A.

MTBS M&A provides lead transaction advisory services to operators and investors pursuing transactions in the global ports sector. MTBS M&A assists its clients in achieving their strategic objectives by providing independent, unconflicted and confidential advice in Acquisitions, Mergers, Joint Ventures, Divestments and other types of transactions involving a transfer of ownership.

Leveraging MTBS’ deep understanding of the global ports sector and its unique client network, makes MTBS M&A uniquely qualified to assist our clients in important strategic transactions. We provide independent, unconflicted and confidential advice aimed at sourcing and executing transactions delivering added value to our clients.

MTBS M&A is an important part of the overall value proposition of MTBS. It acts as a sparring partner to shareholders and Boards. Our team of experienced M&A professionals has a long track record in executing successful transactions for our clients.